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Clark Reliance Corporation

16633 Foltz Parkway
Strongsville, Ohio 44149, USA

Clark-Reliance continues to be the global leader in the level indication and control, sight flow indication, and filtration and separation industries. Clark-Reliance is dedicated to supplying the largest and broadest product line in the instrumentation industry as the single-source for all types of level measurement and control. From engineered boiler trim instrumentation to the varying demands of the process industry.

Despite the significant changes the company has undergone since it was founded over 100 years ago, Clark Reliance remains a leader in innovation today. Clark-Reliance is dedicated to supplying the largest and broadest product line in the instrumentation industry for all types of measurement and control. Key acquisitions over the last few decades have solidified Clark-Reliance as a leader in the separation and filtration industries as well. Clark-Reliance now includes a number of distinguished product lines: Jerguson®, Jacoby-Tarbox®, Magne-Sonics®, Anderson® Separator and National Filtration Systems®.

In 2004, years of growth and numerous acquisitions led to a corporate-wide reorganization. Today, each of the company’s product lines falls under one of three new operating groups: Clark-Reliance Instrument and Controls Group, Clark Reliance@ Filtration Equipment Group and Clark-Reliance Filter Elements Group.

Solution Champion

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Other brands under the Clark Reliance Corporation:

Reliance® The most recognized and trusted name in boiler-trim controls world-wide since 1884.

Jerguson®  World leader in level indication and control products since 1905.

Jacoby•Tarbox®  World leader in sight flow indicator and sight window manufacturing since 1914.

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