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Curtiss-Wright Valves

Brecksville, Ohio

Solution Champion

Ian Dass


Since the 1940s, Farris Engineering has designed and produced a wide range of spring-loaded and pilot-operated pressure relief valves. Used as safety devices, PRVs prevent over-pressurization of vessels, pipelines, and equipment, protecting employees, plants and the environment.

With Farris, a trustworthy valve is only part of our promise. Farris provides customers with total pressure relief management solutions that support a facility’s entire lifecycle, transforming the way you ensure plant safety:

Design – Using the power of iPRSM technology and our Farris Engineering Services team, correctly design your pressure relief system to respond to every overpressure scenario.

Equip – Equip your plant with Farris’ full line of spring loaded and pilot operated PRV hardware, knowing your plant is protected by 70 years of manufacturing experience.

Monitor – Monitor your pressure relief valves with the Smart PRV and leverage the technology of proven leaders, Farris and Emerson.

Maintain – Localized aftermarket service and repair assistance through the Farris Authorized Service Team – or “FAST” centers.

Audit – Our Farris Engineering Services Team and iPRSM technology will keep your pressure relief systems audited and in compliance.

Farris Engineering Services – Farris Engineering Services provides processing facilities with expertise in overpressure scenarios and relief system performance, helping you to design and audit relief systems for a safer plant environment.  FES is a critical part of the Farris total pressure relief management solutions that support a facility’s entire lifecycle.

Daume Regelarmaturen

Daume Regelarmaturen is a premier supplier of highly engineered, critical service valves for the regulation of Gas, Water & Steam.

Located in Isernhagen, near Hanover Germany, Daume focuses on the design, development and supply of critical service control valve products for the Conventional and Nuclear Power Generation markets.


Phönix has supplies a wide variety of valve products, including on-off and control valves for critical system in the Chemical/Petrochemical, Power Generation and a number of other specialty industries, highlighted by our bellows sealed valves. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality products is integral to meeting customer needs.

The wishes of our clients for quality and timely provision of their orders (customer satisfaction) are defined highest requirement of our economic acting. Thus, we observe relevant regulations, laws, ordinances, rules and the generally accepted engineering standards and customer requirements in our daily work.

Solent and Pratt

Solent & Pratt is at the forefront of the design, development and manufacture of high quality butterfly valves for engineering projects around the world. An absolute commitment to outstanding quality and reliability is the key of our success, particularly in severe service environments. designer/ manufacturer of high performance butterfly valves for severe service applications.

Acquired in 2001 by Curtiss-Wright Flow Control, Solent and Pratt, based in the U.K., is a world leader in the manufacturing of high performance valves. These application critical valves are currently supplied to the oil and gas market, specifically to oil producing applications at offshore oil rig installations.


For nearly one-hundred (100) years, Strack has been a prominent supplier of high quality critical service and high pressure valve products designed, manufactured and tested to the most advanced industry requirements in all industries served.

Strack GmbH has been established in 1922, in Troisdorf, Germany, as a small privately owned company and is one of the most prominent manufacturers of high quality valves in the world. Through the eighty years of our existence, we always strove to develop a product line based on the most advanced requirements of the industry.

Arca Regler

Kempener Str 18  D-47918
Tönisvorst , Germany

Solution Champion

Narin Sookdeo

Since its founding some 99 years ago, ARCA Regler has earned global recognition with its innovative technology and proven quality.

The pneumatically and electrically-activated control valves we manufacture are sought-after products for use in industry. They have many applications – from power station construction to chemical plants, from pharmaceutical and foodstuff production to steelworks.

Over the years grown to a company group, that besides valves also manufactures pumps, cryogenic components and visual level indicators, we offer solutions for your specific needs. As a second-generation family-owned company, we’ve won the trust of our customers and proven our worth time and again. Round about 500 employees help us doing so with their full commitment.

Thanks to a global network of representatives and joint venture partners, and local offices in India, China, Korea, and Mexico, we are able to provide our customers around the world with reliable and innovative technology tailored to their personal needs.

Our success is also evident from the awards we have received to date, including placement in the TOP 100 and TOP JOB lists. We have also been a finalist in the Award for Midsized Enterprises, and various design prizes have been awarded for ARCA products.

Put us to the test – let us show you what we can do for your company!


96 Phoenix Avenue
Enfield, CT 06082-4408

Solution Champion

Terrance Gopaul

Conval is the industry leader in Severe Service Valves. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products, all of which feature great durability and incredible longevity. We offer, by far, the lowest life-cycle costs for industrial applications. From nuclear reactors to cryogenic laboratories our valves are designed to exceed the most extreme standards.

  • Ingenious Design … Superior Rugged Construction
  • In-line Renewability
  • Industry’s Lowest Life Cycle Costs
  • Unparalleled standards of excellence for Severe Service Valve products & applications
  • Dedicated to delivering superior products and support

High Performance Valves for the World’s Most Demanding Applications

When you buy a product you want it to work for a long time. At Conval we apply this philosophy to our high-pressure, high-temperature valves which are designed and built for extreme longevity. These are the industry’s most rugged, in-line repairable valves with the lowest lifecycle cost. As a leader in Severe Service, and specializing in extreme condition applications, all of our products exceed industry standards.

IMI Remosa

IMI Critical Engineering
Lakeside, Solihull Parkway
Birmingham Business Park, Birmingham B37 7XZ

IMI Remosa is the world leader in the design and manufacture of valves and hydraulic actuating systems for critical applications in petrochemical industries. Thanks to the unrivalled performance and reliability of our valves, we are proud to be a partner to process licensors and engineering procurement companies, as well as owners/operators. ​IMI Remosa is also proud of its focus on operator safety, complying with the strictest health and safety policies as well as with IMI’s Code of Conduct. ​

Solution Champion

Narin Sookdeo

Critical applications

  • Downstream refining industry
    IMI Remosa is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of control and shut-off valves used in the Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) process and in the Expander Power Recovery Train. Our products are designed to withstand the most severe process conditions, including temperatures of up to 980°C. We can provide a complete and integrated package of valve, actuator and hydraulic power and control unit (HPCU), and all our products are customisable and engineered to meet customers’ exact needs.
  • High temperature & erosive applications
    We have tailored products to serve a range of critical applications. Slide valves serve the FCC process for reactor and regenerator control. Large diameter butterfly valves (up to 130”) precisely control the flow of the expander in the Power Recovery Train, and can shutdown the flow in less than 0.4s in case of emergency.  Our patented Expander Isolation Valve allows for the safe isolation of the Expander Unit while keeping the FCC process active. We also supply the largest pendulum type diverter valves in the world, of up to 4m diameter and 180 metric tons weight. Our variable orifice valves for flue gas line are another market leading product. 

Key technologies

  • Valves
    We design our valves for ease of maintenance as well as performance and reliability. All components subject to erosion and wear are easily replaceable and we use the best available materials to protect the main components against erosion and temperature. Special high-end alloys are used to manufacture the components subject to the most critical stresses, such as the shafts for butterfly valves. 
  • Hydraulic control systems and actuators
    Our control systems and actuators integrate perfectly with our valves providing a complete control solution. Our actuators for Hydraulic Power and Control Units are completely customisable and provide reliability and ease of operation. Our control systems are based on top-class PLC manufacturers and can be installed in a remote safe area or locally on the HPCU, complying with all the Hazardous Area regulations. Our custom parametric logic ensures repeatability of system behaviour and quick reconfigurations to meet customer needs. 

Aftermarket services

Since 1955, IMI Remosa has been operating in the field of industrial maintenance and, specifically, within refineries and petrochemical plants. With its proven experience in these areas, we are an excellent source of problem solving as a consultant for engineering, retrofitting and repair work for any type of valve installed in FCC Units and Expander Power Recovery Units. Our portable field machine tools offer an immediate and complete service for all in-field repair service and assistance anywhere in the world. Our engineers are set up and ready to travel anywhere to solve clients’ problems. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can reduce refinery shutdown time by using our in-house designed machines and experience. This capability allows the replacement of the internals, along with the modification of the valve inside geometry, without removing the valve from the line

IMI TH Jansen

IMI TH Jansen has been custom-designing valves for the iron and steel industry for over 75 years. Our range of shut-off and control butterfly valves are used around hot blast furnaces, steel making, coke oven plants, gas recovery systems and air separation plants. The hallmarks of our valves are high-quality, high operational safety, low maintenance, and a long life.

Critical applications

  • Iron & steel industries
    All air isolation and regulation valves around Cowper stoves, valves for hot and toxic gas applications, gaseous and/or toxic media also with high dust content, valves for gas recovery systems, bleeder valves, ignition equipment.
  • Chemical and Petrochemical industries
    Isolation valves for acids and aggressive media, valves for air separation plants, Transfer line and decoking live valves for Ethylene plants, valves for oxygen applications, control valves for high differential pressures, tank bottom valves for liquid and gaseous media.
  • Water and Power applications
    Butterfly valves for nuclear and conventional power plants with different sealing systems, check valves and combined check valves, also as turbine safety valves to protect the pipeline, gate valves for isolation purposes, special systems for corrosion protection in combination with sea-water.

Key technologies

Engineering and Manufacturing of high integrity valves customized to the exact requirements of the dedicated application, technical support with worldwide competencies.​

Aftermar​​ket services

We offer service packages to help customers keep their operating facility failure-free and safe, and we can tailor-make spare parts.


IMI Z&J is an international leader in the provision of custom-engineered high temperature valves for the iron & steel, petrochemical and refining industries.
We have over 135 years experience of working with refiners, technology licensors and operators to develop our high-quality, specialised valves. We specialise in valves that are suitable for use in high operating temperatures, large sizes, and that have a high frequency of operation. Our in-house engineers customise valves to customers’ needs, and we continue to develop advanced technologies to reduce the long-term operating costs. ​​

Critical applications

  • Petrochemical
    We also have a range of inlet and outlet and isolation valves (for air and hydrocarbon as well as for purging) for the dehydrogenation process (PDH) and high performance isolation valves for ISOSIV / TIP Units.​
  • Iron & Steel
    IMI Z&J supplies valves such as: Hot Blast Valves, Shut Off, Pressure Control and Flow Control Valves, Goggle Valves and Bleeder & Equalizing Valves.
    IMI Z&J is also a supplier of Top Gas Recovery Turbines (TRT), which are in service all over the world. Our new and advanced technology to optimise charging of Blast Furnaces, is the “No-Bell Top Charger”. We also supply intelligent solutions for blast furnace plants like the 3D level measurement system p-matriX and the 2D gas temperature measurement system t-matriX.​
  • Glass
    With more than 50 years of experience in design, production and the worldwide supply of equipment for the glass industry IMI Z&J has made its mark in reliability and long lifetimes.
    Along with a full product range of valves, we produce blanket batch charges for the glass industry. These can be twin-coupled charger units, modular charger units and electric control systems to ensure the burden is loaded to maximize throughput of quality output.​

Key technologies

  • Wedge-within-Wedge type gate valves​
    IMI Z&J introduced the wedge-within-wedge gate valve to the market and has more than 60 years of experience with the double disc wedge within wedge design. Designed for extreme operating conditions, high temperature, high pressure, line stresses and high frequency of operation.
  • Fully Automatic and safe Fractionator Isolation Valves
    Double-Block and Purge shut-off (offers the same functionality like a blind flange), internal components kept clean of medium, seats protected, in both the open and closed positions, from erosion and coking medium.
  • Fully Automatic, “man safe” isolating Goggle Valves
    For i.e. Flue Gas, Expander outlet, CO Boiler Isolation. Tight shut-off in accordance with safety regulations, high operating temperatures, in hot-wall or cold-wall design, the valve is designed for temperature fluctuations.
  • Automatic Coke Drum Unheading devices for the Top and Bottom of the coke drum.
    Two independent discs designed for limited thermal distortion, less steam usage and less erosion. The two independent discs provide a true double block and Purge​.

Aftermarket services

Field service is understood by our specialist team as being available on site within the shortest possible time–complete with portable equipment containers, erection equipment and special tooling. We are particularly well equipped to undertake all types of Special Valves, various types of Drive Systems and the servicing of Blast Furnace plants, oil refineries, chemical plants and float glass units. ​

Zwick Armaturen GmbH

Egerstraße 1, Germany

Solution Champion

Alsha Benjamin

ZWICK is a leading manufacturer of valves which meet highest requirements and quality standards. The product range contains metal-seated butterfly valves known as series TRI-CON, the check valves series TRI-CHECK and the TRI-BLOCK series, ZWICK’s Double Block and Bleed Design.

30 years experience in design and production of valves guarantee high standard products. ZWICK valves are produced state-of-the-art. The triple offset butterfly valves are specially designed for critical services where they are used as shut off and control valves. The in-house design enables offering customized solutions for individual applications like the global Industries of Oil and Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Energy, Offshore and Steel. TRI-CON valves incorporate a unique third offset design with a true cone-in-cone seating and a reliable zero-leakage performance and allow bi-directional tightness.

The ZWICK self-centering disc design that is keyed to the shaft accommodates differential thermal expansions of the disc and the shaft. The triple offset geometry assures friction free running without radial loading of the seal ring and break-away torque. The TRI-CON series reaches a superior unrivaled life time cycle. For critical services a patented sealed bearing solution is offered to prevent fouling of the bearing associated with line media. ZWICK’s zero-leakage bearing design assures that no line media will migrate into bearings cavity. TRI-CON’s standard graphite packing meets all requirements of TA-Luft for fugitive emissions from the shaft and packing arrangements. All triple offset valves are certified according to Fire-Safe to API and British Standard.