Our Vision

To be a regionally competitive instrumentation & process control solution provider and a responsible corporate entity. 

Our Mission

To provide a value-driven solution to our client’s process control and engineering needs by way of efficient order management, effective human resource development & deployment, and strategic management of our business process.

Key Personnel

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Our Story

Trinidad Valve & Fitting Company Limited (TRINVALCO ) was incorporated under the laws of Trinidad & Tobago in 1979.  Its first office was located on St. James Street, San Fernando.  Over the years, as the business grew and new management took control, TRINVALCO moved to Pointe-a-Pierre Rd., San Fernando in late 1995, and then to Rushworth Street pending the completion of the Pt. Lisas facility/office.  Finally in early 2011, TRINVALCO and all its employees/assets moved into the spanking new facility located at Phoenix Park Road West, Savonetta, Pt. Lisas.  This facility was necessitated by the growing sales demands of our customers and the need to increase service capacity.

As TRINVALCO has grown through the years, the ownership and Board structure of TRINVALCO has also changed.  Of note is the most recent change which occurred in August 2006.  Then sole owner of TRINVALCO , Mr. David S. Chaney, sold his interests in the company to Mr. Ravi Suryadevara and Mr. Reynold Mungal. 

TRINVALCO seeks to be the solution provider of choice by being an integral part of our client’s supply chain. This includes taking an active role in both the commercial and technical aspects of our client’s requirements for production efficiency.

To achieve this TRINVALCO has embarked on a focused strategy offering solutions in applications of: Actuation, Precision Fittings and Fluid Systems, Precision Control Instruments, Compressor/Engines/Turbines Controls including paneling, Pressure/Temperature/Level/ Flow Indications and Controls, Steam/Hot Water/Air Solutions, Specialty/Control/Relief/Safety Valves, Mass Transfer and Separation Technologies, Flares/Burners/Thermal Oxidizers/Vapour Recovery Units and Heat Exchangers.

Supported with strong relationships with our principals, project pursuit focus, new order management initiatives, and partnering with key stakeholders in the relevant markets TRINVALCO has yielded success in value delivery to our clients.

TRINVALCO is committed to Health, Safety and the Environment through our EHS Policy. It is TRINVALCO’s goal to meet our client requirements in a safe and transparent manner without detriment to the well being of our staff, our client’s staff/plant/equipment, and the environment.

TRINVALCO’s updated website will ensure that information presented is current and relevant. Access to technical information, principal’s websites, and TRINVALCO’s solution offering by our client’s is of utmost importance.