Heat Exchangers

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Koch Heat Transfer Company, LP

12602 FM 529
Houston, Texas 7704, USA


Koch Heat Transfer is built on some of the most trusted heat-transfer brands, including BROWN FINTUBE® Products, Koch Heat Transfer is a full-service partner for supplying standard and specialized equipment to refineries, chemical companies, and other industrial facilities around the world.

Our capabilities range from state-of-the-art research and development to thermal and mechanical engineering, and manufacturing. We produce technologies designed to reduce energy costs and maintenance requirements, eliminate flow-induced vibrations, and improve thermal efficiency.

Widely used in these markets

– Petrochemical
– Refining
– Power Generation
– Gas Processing
– Offshore O&G
– Onshore Oil Recovery
– Chemical
– Fertilizer
– Storage Terminals

KHT is part of Koch Chemical Technology Group, which is owned by Koch Industries, the second-largest privately held company in the U.S.

Solution Champion

Suresh Rampersad

Other Heat Exchangers from Koch Heat Transfer Company: 

  • BAS-TEX,
  • ALCO™,
  • Koch Engineering LP, or Muirhead Engineering Ltd.